His Imperial Highness Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam, Her Imperial Highness Cong Nuong Princess Phan Lien and all Imperial Princes and Princesses of The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam mournfully inform all Vietnamese Citizens in the Fatherland and in Exile: 

His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Long
of The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam

was hospitalized with a medical emergency in the Sens Hospital in France and unexpectedly passed away on July 28th, 2007, at the age of 71. He went to the Heaven to join his Father, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Bao Dai, who had entered eternal rest ten years earlier (1997).

The Imperial Funeral Ceremony was conducted on August 2nd, 2007, in France.

His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Long, was born on April 1st, 1936, in the Imperial Palace Kien Trung at The Imperial Citadel of Hue, Central Vietnam.

In 1939, under The Imperial Order of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Bao Dai and The Imperial Court, he received a sophisticated education by a renowned Man of Letters of The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty, Respected Imperial Member of The Imperial Tuy Ly Vuong Branch. The Noble Imperial Man of Letters, Ung Qua, was a distinguished writer and poet laureate in the literature of Vietnam.

His Imperial Highness Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam
Her Imperial Highness Cong Nuong Phan Lien
His Imperial Highness Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Thang
Her Imperial Highness Princess Phuong Mai
Her Imperial Highness Princess Phuong Lien
Her Imperial Highness Princess Phuong Dung
And all Imperial Princes and Princesses of The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of
Vietnam in The Fatherland and in Exile around the entire World.

*       *
Solemnly Addressed to The Soul
of His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Long

The Fatherland is in Danger!
The People are in misery and unhappiness under the Yoke of Communism!  

Before the Great Loss and Overwhelming Suffering, All Vietnamese Citizens in The Fatherland and in Exile around the entire World are standing in sorrow close together in view of the Passing of His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Long. They are waiting patiently for The Great Time, A GOOD OPPORTUNITY following a Change in History and accompanying Events of The Contemporary Period of a New Era as predicted by the Prophet Dotorat Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem and The Holy Scripture of God in the Bibles of All Traditional Religions in Vietnam. The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam will return one day to the Fatherland, Rescuing the People of Vietnam and Rebuilding The Country out of the ruins of the Communist Totalitarian Dictatorship. They are nowadays courageously, energetically and ceaselessly fighting for all Noble Aims with the Moral and Perpetual Love of God against the Criminal Hanoi Communist Party and their Tyrannous Domination, Barbarous Oppression and Overwhelming Corruption.

His Imperial Highness, Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam, under The Imperial Edict of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Bao Dai, is waiting solemnly for The Holy Order of God to return to The Fatherland contributing all Great Efforts, all Energetic Endeavor and Truthful Determination with The Conscientious Noble Nationalist Citizens’ Heart  to save The Country and The People of Vietnam along with THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

All Imperial Princes and Princesses living in Exile everywhere in the World, some in France, some in the United States and elsewhere abroad and some inside the Country are eagerly waiting for THE GOOD TIME for all the Actual Circumstances and APPROPRIATE  OPPORTUNITY to CARRY OUT All THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE in the GRAND VICTORY and HUMAN TRIUMPH FOR THE FATHERLAND AND THE PEOPLE under the SACRED ORDER and THE GRACE OF THE IMMORTAL LOVE OF GOD.

The Good Time and Good Opportunity are with us right here and right now!

All the poor and unfortunate People in the Country are spontaneously and courageously standing together in solidarity, organizing and executing the PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION  everywhere, from the Hamlets, Villages, Districts and Provinces to Big Cities such as Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Saigon, and many others as well, such as The Capital. Without violence, they resist The Robbery and Illegal Confiscation of Lands, Cultivated Farms, Rice Fields, Gardens and Residences of all Citizens. This also includes especially all Former Combatants and Heroes of The Communist Regime, that they from generation to generation already had poured down sweat and blood to cultivate and protect their lands and houses originating from the ancestry of their Forefathers, 3 through 4 Generations.

Referring to The MAP of “Operation Phoenix” (Chien Dich Phung Hoang), during the time of the Vietnam War, The Republic of Vietnam had announced the result of the overwhelming infiltration of the Communist Cadres leading Hanoi Army Soldiers to the Territories of South Vietnam (The Republic of Vietnam), which they had commenced to occupy by expanding their Military Forces after signing The Paris Peace Agreement in the Zone Xoi Dau (Red and Green Beans).The Red Bean area, infiltrated by the Communist System, suffered the maximum expansion of all zones, except for a limited territory in the South. Nowadays, The Hanoi Communist System has stolen, confiscated and occupied all the lands, cultivated farms and rice fields of Honest Peasants and Innocent Vietnamese People and covered the remainder of the Country with their Red Markings everywhere, spreading all over the Map of the Vietnam National Domain from the beginning in the North to the End in South Vietnam, including all Islands belonging to the Vietnamese Nation.

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Bao Dai, had always said : “Tha lam Dan mot nuoc Doc Lap con hon lam Vua mot Nuoc No Le” (“I would prefer to be a citizen of an Independent Country rather than being King of an Enslaved and oppressed Country.”)

His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Bao Long, had loyally followed The Imperial Order of His Imperial Emperor Father by living the simple life of a retired Citizen, staying away from all political concerns and activities. The Hanoi Communist Party is a participating member in The Colonial Third International Communist System. They are following all the Directions of the International Communist System, destroying The Fatherland and by murdering its People with all their inhumane, bloodthirsty Communist Measures as well as their Cheating Political Plots. His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince  Bao Long, suffered to witness all the miseries and tragedies of all Vietnamese Citizens in the Country. From the bottom of His Heart, He loved His Vietnamese People but He could not intervene to help them.

Now is the best time to listen to His Imperial Emperor Father Bao Dai’s Order to fly to The Heavens, making all the Sacred CO-OPERATION with His Beloved Emperor Father by sending THE SACRED FREQUENCY MODULATION to Earth to support all the Great Heroes in The Bien Hoa National Cemetery, transferring the Holy Power to the Living Heroes in the Sacred Fight in support of the PEACEFUL AND HUMANITARIAN STRUGGLE.

The Sacred Struggle of Invisible Saints in Divine Power uniquely concentrates on all the United People Forces from centimeter to centimeter, spreading out all over the Native Land and all over the World.  

In Memory,

The Communist Monsters as The Devil Satan Ho (Chi Minh) and his bloodthirsty Communist Gang must be driven out and disposed from their Blood-drenched Oppressing Thrones. The Satan “Uncle Ho,” who had nominated himself to this title and is recognized as such by the Vietnamese People and their Heroes, DIVEST HIM  FROM THIS FALSE STATUS AND HIS WORST PRETENSES!

He and his Slave-driving Communist Oppressive System had massacred The Innocent People of our Nation in secretive and Unrevealed Bloodshed that poured down to the Ocean over Millions of Human Lives of all Religions, including National Founders and Leaders, they had buried alive and killed secretly in hidden places. They had eradicated all the Traditional Religious Branches and their Founders such as Duc Thay Huynh Phu So of Buddhist Hoa Hao in the war. The Most Venerable Buddhist Hoa Thuong Thich Thien Minh, Thuong Toa Phat Giao Vietnam, Respected Catholic Fathers and Cardinals, Duc Hong Y Nguyen Van Thuan and Noble and Superior Venerable of Caodaism with over 3000 Cao Dai Members in Quang Nam and Quang Ngai Provinces, Central Vietnam, etc.

All the concerned People and Members of The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam are profoundly sad and insulted.

Beside the Overwhelming Communist Massacre, the Communist Devils feel no shame in their rudeness to bring the Statue of Satan Ho, placing it in front of The Buddha’s Altar in the Buddhist Pagodas. God is also insulted as well as gravely and seriously hurt!

God grants and transfers the Mercy, Bounty, Brightness and Generosity infused with the Human Love to the living Heroes and Peaceful Combatants to stand up proudly, carrying out The Holy Power to change the Political Situation and restore Human Rights.

The sending of Sacred Teachings from God and the Saints make The Communists wake up from their DELIRIUM and be reminded of KARMA and REINCARNATION.

If the Communists still stay in their position along with their fanatical political policies, all the Vietnamese People will fight in deploying Peaceful Demonstrations as in Moscow during Gorbatschev’s transparent political movement.

Finally in The Imperial History, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Bao Dai, gave The living Prince The Holy Sword and The Imperial Seal.

As The Order of God to His Children:

His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Long, lived alone for 71 years,  waiting for His Holy Order.

He positively trusted that God Will Bless Vietnam and all The Vietnamese People.

He had worked for a Bank. For 32 years, since the Fall of Saigon, he lived alone and  simply.

The Lingering Questions in His head were: “Why is my Country Vietnam not changing for the better? Why must The People still suffer, facing a horrible destiny in misery and hunger, despite the fact that the Nation is no longer at war and ammunition explosion and fires no longer deface the countryside? Why can the Nation not return to being Merciful, Peaceful and Beautiful?

The two Vietnam Islands in the Sea were captured by the Chinese Invaders, on which they build Fortifications, Houses, Security Installations and other Protective Structures, while exploring fossil fuels and operating Oil-Drill Platforms in The Vietnam Sea.

The Barbarous Pirate Communist Chinese Navy Destroyers with their crews and strong Army Forces, multiple times more powerful than Viet Cong Navy Ships that anchored half a mile away from shore, dared not to fight back and protect their fellow countrymen. They did not open their big blind eyes to witness the enemies attacking and firing on groups of fishing vessels, carrying innocent Vietnamese Fishermen, cruelly killing several of them.

After this infamous massacre, the Hanoi Viet Cong Government from the Top Leader to the Cabinet and the Summit of the Communist Party kept silent like the Dumb and Deaf, without conveying any protest against the massacre on the Innocent People in The Vietnam Sea Zone (a stolen and totally occupied vast Ocean Area) by Communist Chinese Invaders over an area of 11,000 Square Kilometers.  

The Vietnam-China Frontier was occupied and gradually totally lost from Ai Nam Quan Pass Frontier to  Ban Doc Historic Area. The Communist Chinese Invaders were expanding occupied advancements  deep inside the North Vietnamese Domain, over Kilometers. They occupied and completely destroyed The Historic Holy HoVong Phu Mountain Statue, a Supernatural Formation of The God Creator, a Sacred Mark of The Vietnamese Historic Struggle against The Invasion of Old Chinese Dynasties.

Our Founder-Emperor Hung Vuong and National Heroes were exalted and pleased, when the Holy Powers, that were transferred to the Deceased National Heroes and living Heroes through the Miracle, were utilized along with The Passing of His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Long.

His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Nguyen Phuc Bao Long, felt his hope dwindling when thinking of the unchanging actual situation, while sadly, quietly and solemnly returning to His Emperor Father in the Heavens. His Soul will forever linger with The Magnificence of An Imperial Dynasty and The Happiness of The People, along with The Imperial Edict of His Emperor Father.

During the Time of the Sorrowful Funeral Ceremony, His Imperial Highness, The Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam lives very far away and has been absorbed by many tasks. He is beside The Soul of The Crown Prince and swears in fidelity to carry out loyally The Emperor’s Imperial Edict, vigorously struggling for The Independence, Freedom and The Happiness of The Fatherland and The People.

During every moment of his life, he is deeply worried about the Gloomy and Desolate Spectacle that is visible when viewing The Vietnamese Country and its People who live in Misery.

His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Bao Long, was disappointed and sorrowful. His thoughts about The Imperial Edict of His Emperor Father, concerning the Patriotism and The Love toward The Fatherland and The People, were always on His mind.

On His deathbed in the hospital, He envisioned to meet His Emperor Father in the Heavens, where He would find The Peace of Mind and The Dream for The Great Country and The Glorious People.  He gave His Beautiful Words to His Imperial Highness Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam, always remembering and executing the Great Duty that the Responsible Member of The Imperial Orthodox Family placed on the Shoulders and His Mind: “Rescuing the Nation from Tyranny, regardless of its source. Saving The People from Gloom and Doom is to always preoccupy his mind.” The Honor of The Imperial Dynasty and The Duty toward The Country is Mandatory, Noble and Important!


The Sacred Soul of His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Bao Long, is honored by all His Intimate Friends, Dignitaries, Patriots and Loyal People as they stand close together to say Farewell to Him with all The Sympathy and The Love toward The Imperial Crown Prince and The Beloved Son of Their Fatherland.

The Incense and Candles’ Smoke spiraled into the sky. Flowers represent the Energy of Life. Transparent Alcohol is Atavism of Life. Tea is an Energetic Power for the Body.

White Rice on the Altar is the symbol of Life for the deceased and the living. The Deceased Souls don’t need to eat and drink. They have the Life of Saints and Souls.

From the Physical going to the Invisible Image is “No-Being” and from “No-Being” returning to the Physical: “Existence goes to None (Ne’ant), None returns to Existence.”  (Sac Sac Khong Khong).

Indeed, His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Bao Long, loved the Fatherland, but Hanoi Communists forbade Him to enter Vietnam.

Now he is flying in The Jade Palace toward The Heavens.  And He has the Freedom to fly anywhere he pleases, including visiting The Imperial Palace of Hue, in the Old Imperial Capital.

Happiness is to live immortally!

Death liberates all. Death ends the life in the existing World. Death returns to the Eternal Life of the Invisible World, the other World of the Immortal, Perpetual Paradise.

All The Loyal People bow respectfully and solemnly pray before The Sacred Altar of God and the Ancestors.

May God Bless The Fatherland and The People of Vietnam.

Respected Imperial Dignitaries
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