The Communist Government of Vietnam Must
Bring Closure to the MIA/POW
and Human Rights Before Being Admitted to WTO
His Imperial Highness Prince Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam was forced to leave Vietnam and exiled after 1975 and has resettled in the United States and is The Regent of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty and President of the Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League that is attempting to peacefully form a democratic government in Vietnam.
Aurora, ILL (PRWEB) September 8, 2004 --


From the Office of the Leadership of the The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam & Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League:
His Imperial Highness Prince Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam, Regent of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty and President of The Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League denounces the Communist Government on the return of United States Servicemen MIA or possible POWs' and Human Rights Record.
It has been stated by American Marines and Army Soldiers who are in Vietnam searching for MIA's, that there is corruption within the government of Vietnam. They stated that every village had a scam in operation. The village leaders would claim to have buried in the rice fields two or three Americans who had died during the war. It would cost the American government approximately $10,000 to dig in the fields and to hire local workers. They were required to stay in Vietnam Army Hotel for $75 a night and hire Vietnamese helicopters to take them to the village. We were informed that it cost $750 an hour for the helicopter ride. There were about 30 US military personnel looking for MIA's in Da Nang and every major city had a similar team. It is costing the United States millions of dollars.
The Communist Government proudly denies reports of POW's but if that is the case, why aren't Non-Government Veteran Agencies i.e. Rolling Thunder, Inc. not allowed to send representatives into Vietnam and travel freely without being followed or harassed by Communists Officials or their agents?
Secondly why are former South Vietnamese Military Personnel still in prison or house arrest?
Why are Former Members of the South Vietnamese Military still after 29 years since the end of the war harassed, do not receive any disability or medical treatment, their widows do not receive any compensation and the desecration of their cemeteries.
This is immoral and cannot be tolerated, I urge the Communist Government to awaken its view and compassion for one's former enemy to bring peace to their families and friends that is honorable to show respect to a fallen warrior.
Release of Religious Leaders (members) of the Hoa Hao, Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Protestants, Catholics, and Cao Dai that are in jail and they should be given the right to preach openly to their congregations without the threat of reprisals.
Until the Communist Government of Vietnam respects overall Human Rights for the People of Vietnam such as freedom of expression, the freedom of association and the freedom of religion, and to honor the Royal Decree that created a special statute signed by the late Emperor Bao Dai on 21 May 1951, establishing rights guaranteeing the protection of Montagnard lands and their continued access to political affairs. Article 1 guarantees: "The Free Evolution of these Populations in Respect of their Traditions and of their Customs."
If the Communist Government fails to act upon the good will they should not be allowed admission within the World Trade Organization WTO.
Money nor Greed should not be tolerated and to become a member of an organization as the WTO you should be able to act morally and honorable toward your own people first before you attempt to become a world representative of your people to the world.
World Leaders ensure the protection of Human Rights for the People of Vietnam.
President George W. Bush and U.S. Trade Representative Josette Sheeran Shiner please take this into consideration for the Men and Women upon the Vietnam Memorial that fought for freedom and democracy in Vietnam along with their Compatriots the Armed Forces of the Republic of South Vietnam.
We must not forget their supreme sacrifice.
"When we are not devoted to serve the People, we cannot have the right to ask for the favors from the nation."
H.I.H. Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam
The Regent of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam
The President of the Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League
P.O. Box 6621
Illinois 60598
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