We have just come home safely in the Monday afternoon (May 5, 2003) at 4:30 PM after staying 7 days in Saint Petersburg (2 days) and Orlando (5 days). We were very successful in Solemn Ceremonies inaugurating the restoration of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty and honoring the National Saint Fleet Admiral-Marshal Tran Hung Dao. 

Respected Buddhist Venerable, Vietnamese Admirals, Generals, Prominent Leaders, Respected Dignitaries and concerned People and etc were very touched to welcome me and very happy to be greeting our Revolutionary People and Imperial Staff. They could not refrain from dropping emotional tears when they listened to my briefing. After briefing, they came to me and embraced me with all their emotion and joyfulness. They asked to take pictures with me, my wife and children (my daughter and son) with every their family in over one hour. Although I was very tired, I was still emotional and happy to please them.  They asked the Revolutionary People & Imperial Staff, my family and myself to stay with them some more days. But we have to return home for our important works. 

We will dedicate and send to you some beautiful pictures regarding solemn ceremonies with a group of honored protocol ladies with new-designed traditional dresses welcoming and greeting our delegation. 

The US local television Stations were showing our Solemn Ceremonies with the presence of H.I.H. Prince and Princess of the Nguyen Dynasty in 2 minutes.

We will publish Solemn Ceremonies with illustrated pictures on the Vietnamese Newspapers in the next two weeks. 

After these events, we are preparing the plan to celebrate the same Solemn Ceremonies in Northern California (San Jose) in September 2003. We expect over two thousands of concerned people will be attending in these events. 

We will be broadcasting again our one-hour interview with Vietnam Hai Ngoai (Overseas) broadcasting Radio last month in the Dallas Texas Radio Broadcasting Station in the next 10 days.  When we have the exact time and day of broadcasting, we will update the news on the International Website of the Nguyen Dynasty. Please kindly visit our Website

Madame Marie de Roland-Peel from the United Kingdom has just called me last night to share with us our successful operational activities on these events and congratulate our best results.  Many Respected Buddhist Venerable, Prominent Leaders, Respected Dignitaries and concerned people etc called me to convey best wishes to the Nguyen Dynasty and myself. 

We will inform you more interesting news in the near future.

We hope that this message finds your lovely family and yourself the best of luck and excellent health.  We always pray for you the best wishes to your age and life.  

All the best,

With kindest regards,

USA May 6, 2003
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