UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:  On the occasion of the festival of the Lunar New Year, which will be celebrated Thursday, January 22, 2004, His Imperial Highness Prince NGUYÊN-PHUC Buu Chanh of Vietnam, Prince Regent of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam, leader and person in charge of all activities concerning the restoration of the constitutional monarchy of Vietnam, cordially extends to all the people of Vietnam, both those who live in their native country and those who are constrained to live abroad, his best wishes for health, prosperity and peace on the occasion of the traditional festival of Tet and the arrival of the New Year of the Monkey.   

His Imperial Highness, who currently lives in exile in the United States of America, with his wife and four children, is a great-grandson of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Minh Mang, son of the first emperor, Gia Long.  The prince-regent, fighting for the restoration of democratic monarchy, thus ensuring the continuity of the thirteen emperors of the Imperial Dynasty of Nguyên who made history in the Land of the Blue Dragon since 1802, is strongly supported by loyal supporters, international advisers, former high military officers and personalities of Vietnam from around the World who, like him, endure their exile in distant lands painfully. 

The prince-regent, who is also president of the Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League, and recipient of honors emanating from official foreign authorities, noting the rapid progression of usurpation by the Communists of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, takes note with sadness of the general dissatisfaction growing amongst his Vietnamese brothers and sisters; accuses the Vietnamese authorities of corruption structured on all levels;  denounces with vehemence the non-observance of individual rights; that is the Freedom of Speech, the Freedom of Association and the Freedom of Religious Worship. As well, the prince-regent is greatly concerned with the current systematic utilization of lies and misinformation; and the disquiet of the current boom of dangerous risks. 

In addition, the prince-regent points out that the annual average income of the Vietnamese is, per the United Nations, among the lowest on the planet.   

His Imperial Highness Prince-Regent NGUYÊN-PHUC Buu Chanh of Vietnam.   

The United States of America 
January 2004

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