In November 2006, His Imperial Highness Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam was approached by senior officers of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty, and several senior Generals and other high ranking officers, who were Veterans of the Vietnam War, and who are now living in exile in the United States.  As well, senior dignitaries of many Vietnam’s Traditional Dynastic Religions also wished for continuity of the Imperial traditions while in Exile and beseeched the Prince Regent to take the re-establish the Imperial and Ceremonial Guard under his personal Protection.

These Vietnamese organizations wished to re-establish THE PEACEFUL AND CEREMONIAL GUARD OF THE IMPERIAL NGUYEN DYNASTY so as to unite the Vietnamese diasporia, both in the United States of America and also in the many other countries that have a significant Vietnamese population.
The objectives of the Imperial Nguyen Guard are:-
To provide a Ceremonial Honor Guard for the Imperial Family.
To abide by all National Laws of their country of residence.
To act as an organization that unites Vietnamese Veterans.
To use all Peaceful resources to protest against communism.
To preserve Vietnam’s many Religions.
To pass on Vietnamese culture to the next generation.
To act as a Charity organization for Vietnams poor. 

NOTE: Vietnamese Cultural and Noble traditions’ have existed for more than 10,000 years ( not 4000 years as is written in some history books).  Vietnams History, records that the origin of Chinese civilization is from the Bach Viet People, not from the Han Chinese People.  Indeed Vietnamese people are justly proud the modern world now knows of Trong Dong, the Bronze Drum of the Dong Son Civilization.  Furth more, the ancient’s believed that God hand created Vietnam in the shape of the letter “S” (Vietnamese Map), dividing Vo Cuc (Infinity) into the shape of Bat Quai (Eight Angles).

All members of the Imperial Guard are Honorable men and women who yearn for an Independent, Peaceful, and Glorious Vietnam’ the Land of out Ancestors.  Each of us pray in their own unique religion for a return of out beloved Country in the near future, just as the Polish People (and many other East European), countries triumphantly overthrew communism and returned their Country to democracy in 1990, with the assistance of His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

The Imperial Nguyen Guard is re-established with the assistance of many senior retired Vietnamese Generals and other high ranking Officers who have demonstrated a wish to pass on Vietnamese culture and traditions to their children and the Vietnamese Diaspora.  This includes the continuation of all of Vietnams many religions which are currently being suppressed by the communist puppets currently in power in our Homeland.  We look forward to a time of Freedom and Unity in Vietnam under a Democratic Monarchy, where all men and women are free to worship in their own Religions, and follow the Traditions of their Ancestors.

The Imperial Ceremonial Guard of Honor is noble, humanitarian and peaceful organization which will reinstall a sense of pride, and also a continuation of our many traditions towards our ancestors and also a time of Great Emperors in Vietnam, the Land of Dragons since time immemorial, and indeed the Imperial Nguyen Family.


His Imperial Highness Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam was both pleased and honored to re-establish the Imperial Guard, and also to act as Patron.

The Imperial Ceremonial Guard was re-established on the 7th of December, of the Year Bing Dan 2006, under the leadership and protection of His Imperial Highness Nhuyen Phuc Chanh of Vietnam.

Since re-establishment of the Ceremonial Guard, many meetings have been held in the State of California, USA where planning and organizing for an upcoming traditional and colourful Vietnamese Festival to present all Units of THE PEACEFUL AND CEREMONIAL GUARD OF THE IMPERIAL NGUYEN DYNASTY where commissions and brevets will be presented.

While in Exile, our Veterans of the Former Army of Republic of Vietnam, have gathered and organized themselves in the United States under the Leadership of their Generals and senior Officers with all the Camaraderie of Huynh De Chi Binh (Military Brotherhood).  These various Veterans groups continue the Solidarity between the Generals, Officers and all of our Veterans in all the Free Countries of the world.


At this time in history Our Fatherland all who currently live in the Nation of Vietnam have suffered great hardship and persecution, and are slaves under the Yoke of an absolute and bloody Communist Dictatorship.  I urge all of those unfortunate Vietnam People to rise up together hand in hand, and heart in heart to stand up like The Huge Pcean Waves and Enormous Waterfalls equipped with all the RESISTANT ENERGY AND UNBREAKABLE SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS FORCES.  I call on all of the Loyal and Brave Vietnamese Hearts who cling to “Trung voi Nuoc, Hiew voi Dan” (Loyal to the country and Pious to the People”), to NEVER FORGET “The Power of Prayer.” Prayer defeated the communists in Eastern Europe, and most especially communist Russia.  No matter what your faith or religious belief pray for the Freedom of Vietnam. 

Vietnamese People, good men and women, I ask all of you who are oppressed at this time to begin peaceful resistance against those currently enslave you under the communist yoke to form into Units of HOP TUNG (Resistance Groups).  In the same spirit of Peaceful Resistance that was used to Victorious Effect in India by Mahatma Gandhi, in the United States by Dr Martin Luther King, and more recently in South Africa by Nelson Mandela. Countrymen and Countrywomen resist the bloody Communists of Hanoi with all of your being, and swear to sweep them out of our beloved Homeland.


I say this…Know this you Murderers.  Your ongoing and continued CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are not anonymous, neither are the individual perpetrators.  Your names and all evidence of your despicable crimes are being investigated and recorded and documented.  You personally are being accountable by the entire world for the crimes you are continually committing against good men and women.  In the modern 21st Century, there is no safe place for you to hide, and via modern computer and cell phone links I receive evidence to your murderous behavior (including photographs), within hours!

At this time in history, the situation within Vietnam is disastrous for the ordinary people, and is almost certainly the most miserable even before the war.  Therefore the Vietnamese Diaspora living in The United States and elsewhere, especially the Veterans, have remained United and gathered about their Generals, and Senior Officers’ in Solidarity moving to form A PEACEFUL FORCE for the Fatherland with all the movement of Peaceful Struggle without shedding another drop of Vietnamese blood.

History teaches us that originally from the historical process of Unification and Independence of the Nation from Ai Nam Quan (Nam Quan Frontier) from the North of Mui Ca Mau (Ca Mau Ending Land), in the South, Respectful Lord Nguyen Hoang and His military groups from 16th parallel advanced widely to the Land of Dai Nam of the Dragon of Annam which was highly acceptable to the Prophet of St Doctorat Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem “Hoanh Son Nhat Dai Van Dai Dung Than” (“After Hoanh Son, a Unique Range of Mountains, Eternity Lives for the Nguyen Dynasty”).  St Doctorat Trang Trinh said to Lord Nguyen Hoang’s Delegate the above words when advising Nguyen Lord to advance to the South and broadening the Frontier of Dai Nam up to the end of Ca Mau with the Shape of the letter S exactly fitting to Thien Co (Divine Prophet) of Bat Quai Do (Eight Angles). It was the Exact Center of the Civilization, Traditions and Virtue of All Children  of Dragon and Angels in Lac Viet (The Original Fatherland, and we are taught this by our treasured Customs and Traditions).  These historic facts, legends and traditions are remembered in the teachings of Prophet of Duc Thuong De (God), some 81 years agon in the Thanh Ngon Hop Tuyen Prophet, Tay Ninh CaoDaism Central Temple published in 1972.

“Mot Nuon nho nhoi trong Van Quoc,
“Ngay sau lam chu moi la kyY
(« A Small Country within a thousand other Countries.,
“It will be stgrange to become the Master Country in the future!”)

Returning to the history of Our neighboring Country of Khmer Cambodia for the lack of the National Superior Prestige in the invasion of Red Khmer, Polpot and his Communist Party have conducted and executed the Racial Extermination (An Asian Holocaust) following the Orders of Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh. In the absence of His Royal Majesty King Norodom Sihanook, the nation of Xu Chua Thap (Klhmer Buddhist Temples’ Country) fell in the dangerous and desperate situation that was Khmer Cambodia.  Later, and only later when His Royal Majesty King Norodom Sihanook returned to the country and restored the Nation, the Chua Thap Country was rebuilt in Peace.  This is actual and real experience for the Kingdoms of South East Asia in these modern times. Much like Laos, Burma and now Vietnam.  They all have to learn this important history  lesson in order to act in The HOP TUNG (Peaceful Resistance), together finding out ACCEPTABLE AND PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS for their own Country and People. This is but a matter of History.

Therefore before VAN HOI CUA DAN TOC (THE NEW OPPORTUNITY OF THE NATION) conjoined with Thien Thoi, Dia Loi cà Nhan Hoa (Good Divine Opportunity, Suitable Territorial Place and Favourable Human Spirit), the structure of the Brave Vietnamese men and women, and their children in the Free Countries of the world, have united and formed A TRADITIONAL, VIRTUOUS, AND PEACEFUL ORGANIZATION TO BE NAMED THE PEACEFUL AND CEREMONIAL GUARD OF THE IMPERIAL NGUYEN DYNASTY with all the National Love under the Leadership and Protection of The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty.

“Dem Dai Nghia de thang hung than,
“Lay chi nhan de thay cuong bao”

“Using Great Virtue to defeat the enemy,
“Utilizing Human Spirit to change the Cruel Forces”

Recently, after presenting and discussing with His Imperial Highness Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam who is bearing THE IMPERIAL EDICT of the LATE IMPERIAL MAJESTY EMPEROR BAO DAI to receive the National Mission from Him, all members of the Imperial Nguyen Guard will gather for a conference and parade in California USA in mid-2007.  Senior Representatives of the Vietnamese community also invited His Imperial Highness Prince Regent Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam to participate in a planned spectacular Ceremony and Peaceful Festival representing all of the Ancient Imperial Traditions.  All Units of the Peaceful Imperial Guards present before Him be required to swear to contribute all their efforts in restoring The Peace, Independence, Freedom, Democracy and Humanity for the People of Lac Hong.

On this occasion, all Generals, and senior Officers of The Imperial Nguyen Guard are to be bestowed with Noble imperial Titles, and Imperial Brevets of The Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam:

Colonel Tran Van Ba GCDA
Grand Cordon of the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, Honourary Colonel of the Imperial Ceremonial Guard.

Major General Ba Tuoc Jimmy CDA
(Promoted by the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty), Commander of the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, and Commander-Chief of the Imperial Ceremonial Guard.

Advisor to His Imperial Highness Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam for Peaceful Military Imperial System, in charge of Traditional Ceremonial Organization with The Policy of Traditional Dynastic Religions and executing the Process of Peace.

Major General Ba Tuoc Pham Quang Chieu CDA
(Promoted by The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty), Commander of the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, President, Director, and Senior Advisor.

Advisor to His Imperial Highness Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam for Asian Affairs.

Brigadier General Pharm Duy Cuong ODA
(Promoted by The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty), Officer of the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, Chief of Staff of the Imperial Ceremonial Guard.

These peaceful protocols establishing The Imperial Ceremonial Guard as an organization within the Imperial Household are to take affect immediately as part of our ongoing struggle to retain all aspects of our culture while we are in Exile.  I wish Freedom, Peace and Happiness for the Fatherland and the Vietnamese People.  I pray that our country will in years to come, advance peacefully in the Communities of the world, worthily, and with the National Name of DAI NAM, The Nation of The Dragon of Annam.

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