To the people of Vietnam

The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty is leading a vigorous and persistent struggle against the Communist Regime. We are utilizing only peaceful methods in this struggle, using political and diplomatic measures, such as: Contacting and canvassing World Leaders and International Organizations etc, to stand behind our noble cause and support us in restoring the Nation and traditional constitutional Monarchy. We will absolutely never condone the use of violence in any form to defeat the enemy. We uphold the concept that the Communist Vietnamese share with us the same origins and the same Ancestors. We will never take revenge on them, but consider them to be misguided brothers of our same ethnic blood and national origin.

After eliminating the Communist Regime, we want the awakened and liberated Communist Vietnamese to cooperate with us in common brotherhood to rebuild and embellish the country.

To Political Parties, Societies, Associations, Fronts, Movements etc:

The Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam firmly declares that we appreciate and respect all the leaders of the nationalist political parties, movements, fronts and associations etc, united in common cause against the Communists. We stand alongside them in mutual support to advance the same cause. We are committed to never discriminate against or underestimate any of them. We have always been going together on the same Road of Struggle and must help each other to restore the Nation and bring liberty and social welfare to the People. We absolutely are determined to never cause problems and conflicts against each other if they consider us as combatants on the same front


Requesting that the Socialist Republic of Vietnam return the legitimate Regime to the People of Vietnam

On August 25th, 1945, the Vietminh Communist movement deposed His Imperial Majesty Bao Dai. Under the pressure and vile power of the Vietminh Communist Vietnamese, His Majesty transferred the legitimate Imperial Government of Vietnam to the Communist Leader Ho Chi Minh. In the official Imperial message of abdication, His Majesty insisted His main point of view:

For the sake of "the Happiness of the People of Vietnam and the Independence of Vietnam", His Imperial Majesty sacrificed everything and his Golden Throne, which was succeeded traditionally and legally from his Imperial Ancestors. His Imperial Majesty believed that he transferred the legitimate Imperial Government of Vietnam to the right people who could bring happiness to the people of Vietnam and Independence to the Nation.

When Ho Chi Minh and his Communist Leaders took over the legitimate Imperial Government from His Imperial Majesty, they declared to the People of Vietnam that they decisively perform their duty as His Majesty expected and rebuild the Country better than before.

In reality, His Imperial Majesty had transferred the legitimate Regime, which belonged to the People of Vietnam, to the wrong people. For over 50 years they seized power and did the contrary. Ho Chi Minh and his Communist groups have ruined the country in every aspect and harmed the people to a horrible destiny: They brought the country into slavery. They are ceding territory and sea to their master-country. They brought only unhappiness, starvation, misery and eternal poverty to the people. Only the groups of Communist Leaders enjoy their luxurious life while the people of Vietnam continue to suffer.

In the legal point of view, in the San Francisco International Convention in 1949, the National Government of Vietnam (of the whole country) under the leadership of the Head of State Bao Dai solemnly declared to the World the ownership of Vietnam on the Islands of Paracels and Spratleys, which had existed for centuries. The National Government of Vietnam's Declaration was accepted and applauded by the World.

Afterwards under the powers' pressure, the Nation of Vietnam was divided into two hostile countries by the International Geneva Accord on July 20th, 1954. However, this International Accord still determined that the ownership of Nationalist Vietnam (South Vietnam) was from the 17th parallel to the South including all the Islands of Paracels and Spratleys. Therefore South Vietnam and these two island groups are under the ownership and control of Nationalist Vietnam.

To protect every piece of the sacred Fatherland, the heroic Army of Nationalist Vietnam bravely fought the Chinese Navy Forces invading the Islands of Paracels in 1974.

The Vietnamese people and Nationalist Army's acts protecting the territory of South Vietnam, including the two above island groups, proved that the ownership of the National Government of Vietnam over her territory and sea was affirmative. The intensive patriotism of the People of Vietnam to protect their territory is sacred and noble.

After over five decades of power since August 1945 (August Revolution), the Vietminh and Communist Vietnamese have imprisoned and killed millions of Vietnamese through at least three generations of the Vietnamese People. This act of mass murder is illegal and criminal.

On the Tet Mau Than 1968, while everybody in the family reunited to celebrate the sacred ceremony of New Year's Eve, Vietcong and Communist Hanoi suddenly attacked the Saigon Capital, Hue Imperial City and all provinces of South Vietnam in a general offensive. They vilely violated the 3 day cease-fire that they themselves proposed to the Republic of Vietnam's government. They damaged the provinces and the world historical site of Hue. They cruelly killed and buried alive about 5,000 people in the once great Imperial Capital. This savage attack and the act of killing innocent people was illegal and criminal.

On April 30th, 1975, the North Communist Vietnamese attacked and invaded South Vietnam by roughly violating the 1973 International Paris Peace Agreement. They did not care about the United Nations and the 12 Countries which signed the International Agreement on March 3rd, 1973 in Paris guaranteeing the Paris Peace Agreement's execution. The act of this invasion was completely criminal and illegal according to International Law and against the conscience of Humankind.

After April 30th, 1975, the Communist Vietnamese deceitfully imprisoned and killed hundreds of thousands of intellectuals, capitalists, writers, poets, reporters, pressmen, congressmen, government officials, respected dignitaries, landowners, patriots, army officers and generals etc. This act of imprisonment and of killing innocent people, and those who lost the war is illegal and criminal.

Communism and Socialism are after all inventions of the west. The loss of the monarchy was a blatant criminal act, one that was neither fair or democratic and it was without a traditional leader to unite the country that division led to civil war and foreign intervention that was painful to everyone
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